Foodlink works hard to meet the growing needs of residents in a 10-county area and a big part of making that happen is help from volunteers.

Foodlink says it needs more volunteers at its Mt. Read Boulevard distribution center in Rochester, especially on weekdays.

"Unfortunately we do believe that the lingering effects of the shutdown will impact a lot of people in this area for the month of February so Foodlink is doing a lot to plan some extra distributions to help those in need," said Mark Dwyer, volunteer. "As you can see, there’s a lot of food here that needs to be sorted and catergorzied so we rely on volunteers heavily for that."

There are three-hour volunteer shifts available in the warehouse sorting food, also packing bags of food for children for the weekends, sorting through apples, and assisting in the mobile Curbside Market.

"Foodlink serves a 10-County area from the lake shore all the way to the Pennsylvania border," Dwyer said. "There are about 150,000 people in this area that are food insecure and do not know where their next meal is coming from. So it’s not only in Rochester, but in the surrounding counties there is definite need."

For more Foodlink volunteer information, visit this website, or call (585)-413-4094