Genesee Brewery's popular summer beer will soon be back on shelves.

It's called Kolsch and it's a ruby red grapefruit beer that debuted last year. Genesee announced on Twitter that the beer would be shipped from the brewery on April 15.

According to Genesee's website, the beverage is inspired by a 19th century German beer that began to appear around the ports of Cologne. They say the drinkable golden ale was named for its city, the same Kolsch name that the beer carries today.

“Ruby Red Kolsch created a beer fan craze we didn’t expect when we first released it,” said Janine Schoos, Genesee Brewery brand director. “All year we’ve gotten requests to bring it back, from thousands of comments on social media to dozens of calls to the brewery and even DIY beer trackers. Now, as the weather is starting to warm up, we’re happy to deliver. We’ve worked with our wholesalers to better anticipate the frenzy this year.”

Only in its second year since release, the Kolsch has already developed an enthusiastic following.

"Last year I took a leap of faith and went entirely on my friends' word — I bought four 12 packs of Kolsch without ever having tried it before and I never looked back. It's the best beer there is," said Buffalo native and current Rochester resident Kevin Miller.

After a successful debut season, brewery officials said they will ramp up production for the seasonal beer. Last year they made four batches and this year they are planning to make nine, but that doesn't necessarily mean more availability locally.

In 2018, the brewery sold Kolsch in three states, but they're already up to seven in 2019 with plans to expand sales even further.

“We were so happy about the success of this beer last year that we’ve geared up for another big launch,” said brand manager Neil Burley in a press release. “Our role is to work with our customers, retailers, bars, and restaurants to understand the demand and anticipate need. We’re ready to get Ruby Red Kolsch into even more hands.”

Genesee officials say this beer is a 21st century update on the original classic, with a "crisp, bright-golden ale with a bready malt body and a mild hop bitterness that complement the perfect addiction of tart, mouthwatering grapefruit flavors."

This latest beer from the brewery comes on the heels of the successful limited release of their Dream Ale — which was a collaboration with Brooklyn-based Other Half Brewing. That beer was a new take on Genny’s classic Cream Ale, infused with oats and citrus hops, and hundreds of enthusiasts lined up outside the brewery for its debut.

Additionally, racing fans will be able to enjoy Kolsch and other Genesee products at Watkins Glen International. After a 40-year hiatus, Genesee is once again the official beer of the race track. The multi-year sponsorship begins this month and will include hundreds of fan experiences, like test driving their new pace car. A free summer concert series is also slated to take place.

If you're looking where you can find some Kolsch or other Genesee Brewery products, simply enter your zip code at this website, and nearby pick-up locations will appear.