Ulster County is getting stricter when it comes to summer camp requirements, in an effort to curb the measles outbreak.

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan announced Tuesday that any children or staff members at summer camps must have the measles vaccine unless they have a medical exemption. Campers will be required to turn over immunization records before attending.

The county says measles is highly contagious and children can be particularly vulnerable.

Anyone with questions can contact the Ulster County Department of Health at 845-340-3009.

This comes as a state supreme court judge has rejected a lawsuit against Orange County over its order. However, the judge is giving lawyers time to rework their complaint. 

The original lawsuit cites state law allowing religious exemptions for vaccinations when it comes to schools. The judge ruled this doesn't apply to summer camps, and there is no law against exemptions for the camps. 

The lawsuit also claims the county is overstepping its authority and wrongfully targeting those with religious exemptions.

Orange County has declined to comment on the lawsuit.