Music composer John Caroll drew inspiration from his personal experience as someone on the autism spectrum when composing his new micro-opera, “Troubleshooting.”

“If you are someone who can't really relate to the issues presented, I hope that if they're presented in this kind of creative, theatrical format, that for a moment I simulate that for you so you're able to understand it very clearly," said Caroll.

Using simply a piano and two voices, the show takes place as a phone call between two socially dysfunctional adults who discuss feelings of isolation. The cast believes that this micro-opera could be an eye-opener for those who don’t know someone on the spectrum.

"I hope that people can walk away from this opera thinking a little bit more inside of how they might talk to people, how [they might] portray themselves,” said artist Robert Frazier.

John hopes that “Troubleshooting” creates a community that empathizes and helps those struggling to connect socially.

“I hope my opera is a bridge between myself as an autistic person and everybody around me who goes and sees the opera and also forms bridges between those people and other neurodivergent people around them, " said Caroll.

“Troubleshooting” premiered at SUNY Schenectady. Caroll is hopeful that the performance can tour across the state and region.