Aditi Lamba was born and raised in Ludhiana, in the state of Punjab, India. At fourteen, she moved to the United States; she likes to call herself an “immigrant-citizen.” Aditi’s parents, who immigrated alongside her, are elated to see her represent their community in the media. She owes them all her success and feels incredibly grateful for their support.

Aditi earned her bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Bloomfield College in New Jersey in May 2022. She graduated the valedictorian of her class, earning the Gerauld Prince Journalism award. During her time at Bloomfield, Aditi anchored and produced for ITV Gold in neighboring New York.

Covering the protests following George Floyd’s death in the summer of 2020 left a huge impact on Aditi. As a member of the South Asian community, Aditi felt empowered to reach out to her community and help educate through conversations. That entire journey, seeing the anger, sadness, and emotions surrounding the protests, will always remind her why journalism is so important. This experience continues to push her to create stories that will open conversations around racism.

Aditi believes that representation matters in a newsroom and that we need diverse perspectives move our society forward. She feels that often communities of color get misrepresented or ignored in the eyes of the society and amplifying those voices drives her as a journalist.

Aditi is a coffee addict, so when she’s not at work you can find her around town looking for the best cup of coffee. If you’d like to reach her with a story idea you can find her on Instagram or email her.