People in Glenville spent Monday morninge digging out — some for the second time in less than 24 hours.

As people are continuing to dig out from this weekend's snow, some are enjoying it and some are just hoping to be more prepared for the next big storm.

"It was a real doozy," said Tyrone Pettway, a homeowner.

Pettway said he waited too long to buy a snowblower and every place he checked was sold out. He and his wife ordered one online, but it won't arrive until Wednesday.

"At least we'll be prepared for the next one, cause I dropped the ball on this one," Pettway said.

And while the neighborhood is coping with more than 20 inches of snow and counting, Sarah Stygles said it's fun for the kids.

"We're lucky to have a hill in our front yard so they can go sledding right in our own yard," Stygles said.

And she doesn't mind digging out.

"When I was a kid I remember there being a lot of snow during winter and it seems like there's been less lately, so I'm actually pretty happy to see the return of real winter ... especially right before Christmas," Stygles said.

A few houses down, Steve Ackerman was outside cleaning up for the third time.

"I think it'll be worse this afternoon or tomorrow morning," Ackerman said. "I think probably tomorrow morning I'll come out again."

Ackerman said he doesn't mind the snow either. He had his snowblower going, helping his neighbors and making sure the fire hydrants and mailboxes were clear. 

"It's fun to do, I like to have the machine going," Ackerman said.

With most of the Capital Region enjoying a snow day, many were outside trying to make the best of it.  Pettway, Stygles and Ackerman said once they were done with this round of clean up, they were heading inside to warm up, have some hot chocolate and relax the rest of the day.