Girls in wrestling is a growing trend across New York, and the girls at Curby 3 Style in Troy are making it known they belong in the sport.

"At first, it was challenging," Coxsackie-Athens junior Schuyler Caringi said. "But as you keep going and doing it, it's just like wrestling girls."

What You Need To Know

  • Girls wrestling at the Curby 3 Style training center in Troy are looking to build their sport

  • The girls in the program typically work out there after practices at their own schools

  • Their goal is to get high school girls teams sanctioned in the state

But there are not enough girls participating in the sport for it to be sanctioned and have all girls teams.

"Strength in numbers is really important," Tamarac sophomore Emily Frost said. "Girls have to start recruiting. I know we've recruited a lot of girls this year. When numbers start to grow, people are going to realize how important it is."

So the girls have taken to social media to recruit to keep the trend moving upward.

"The more people see it, the more they want to try it," Caringi said.

The goal is to get enough girls to participate so they can have their own teams and ultimately, their own sectional and state tournaments.

"If we get the numbers, it would be really nice to hold an official girls states," Cambridge-Salem sophomore wrestler Angie Dill said.