A petition was denied Thursday morning for the man accused of shooting and killing a 20-year-old female passenger in a car that made a wrong turn in his Washington County driveway last month.

Kevin Monahan will remain in jail following a hearing Thursday in Warren County Court, where his attorney argued the judge did not take Monahan’s history in its entirety into consideration during the initial bail hearing on April 19.

Police say Kaylin Gillis was riding in a car with friends on April 15 in rural Hebron, looking for a friend's house, when the car pulled into Monahan’s driveway on Patterson Hill Road in Hebron. It was the wrong driveway, according to authorities.

Neighbors told police the car had been in the driveway a short period of time and was leaving, but Monahan fired two shots at the vehicle. Investigators say a bullet struck Gillis.

With limited cell service in the area, the group of friends quickly drove to an area 5 miles away, where they found cell phone service and called for help. Emergency crews arrived and performed CPR on Gillis, but she died.

Monahan, facing a second-degree murder charge, is currently being held without bail. Washington County District Attorney Tony Jordan argued this is because Monahan has proven himself to be impulsive and could possibly run if released.