The number of bills passed by the legislature over the past two years has fallen substantially, extending a trend documented by the New York Public Interest Research Group.

This is the second year of the Albany legislative session. NYPIRG reports that during this session, there were 16,818 two-house bills introduced. In the 2017-2018 session, the number was substantially higher at 17,960.

What You Need To Know

  • Every session, the New York Public Interest Research Group issues an analysis of legislative activity in Albany

  • An analysis of the 2020 session shows that legislative activity was down substantially

  • The analysis is based on data from the Legislative Bill Drafting Commission

The report acknowledges the effect of COVID-19 on the session’s productivity. The report also compared relative productivity under various governors.

Under Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s tenure, the average number of two-house bills passed per year (as opposed to per session) was 1,356. Under Andrew Cuomo, that number dropped to 620, the lowest among the past 14 governors.

Read the NYPIRG review here.