It’s a hands-on lesson in learning for Troy Middle School students.

Every other Friday, you’ll find Kellee Bonenfant’s special needs class rolling their B’s Busy Bakers' carts through Troy Middle School’s hallways, selling homemade baked goods, coffee and hot cocoa to teachers and staff.

The business puts lessons from their life skills class into real-life practice.

“Our program is called life skills. So we’re teaching our kids life skills, and what it’s going to be like to live on your own, what supplies you have in your kitchen, if you’re hungry and want to make something,” said Bonenfant.

The coffee cart started this year, each student choosing their role in the business.

They learn how to properly measure ingredients, make baked goods, label treat bags. The students prepare carts on Thursdays. Then they hit the hallways, hanging up homemade signs, and setting up a makeshift cash register.

“I’ve definitely seen their confidence grow. So I know that they’re going to be successful out there. I know that they’re going to be able to make change for a dollar or 5,” Bonenfant said.

The class donates its earnings to the Troy community, and to help pay for class field trips.

Looking at the students, "Mrs. B" is moved to tears by how much they’ve grown.

“The kids will rise to expectations," she said.