The 103-year-old College of Saint Rose will close next year, college President Marcia White told students, faculty and staff in an email Thursday evening that was obtained by Spectrum News 1.

The college's Board of Trustees voted Thursday to close the school at the end of the 2023-24 academic school year, White said.

“The closure of Saint Rose is truly heartbreaking for all of us who care deeply about the history and legacy of this institution and the extraordinary students we serve and have served for 103 years,” White wrote.

She said she will join college board chair Jeffrey Stone on Friday to share more information with the college community, and schedule information sessions with students, parents and alumni.

“Students are our highest priority as are our dedicated faculty and staff, and we are announcing this now, months in advance of the actual closure, to give you as much time as possible to plan for your future,” White wrote. “We know that students and their families, along with faculty, staff and their families, are those most impacted by this decision and you have my word that we will do everything possible to support you.”

State Sen. Neil Breslin and Assembly members Pat Fahy and John McDonald III issued a joint statement earlier in the day.

“Founded in 1920, the College of Saint Rose has been an anchor of higher education in the Capital Region for over a century, playing a crucial role in shaping the academic and cultural landscape of our community. Its closure will have an outsized impact on the City of Albany, higher education in the broader Capital Region, and leaves many students, faculty, and community members with more questions than answers," the statement said.

The college, which anchors an Albany neighborhood around part of Madison Avenue, supports more than 1,000 jobs and owns roughly 87 properties in Albany.

But it's experienced tremendous financial strain over the last few years due to a significant drop in enrollment.

"We recognize the personal pain that this evokes for many graduates, students, and faculty," the lawmakers said. "We have worked with Saint Rose to find solutions as soon as they engaged with us and unfortunately, any possible avenues to keep the College open have been exhausted despite our best efforts."

The statement continued: "It is imperative we accelerate discussions surrounding the College’s 87 properties, their future use, and how we can minimize the immediate and long-term effects on our surrounding community, businesses, and the Pine Hills neighborhood more specifically. The College of Saint Rose is part of the very fabric of Albany. We will work diligently to ensure there is a clear path forward for students and faculty, the College’s physical presence in the City of Albany, and a smooth transition and integration of existing academic programs through partnerships between Saint Rose and other institutions of higher education both in the Capital Region and New York State.”

In a statement, the state Education Department said it takes proactive steps to assist colleges and students during college closure transitions, and was ready to work closely with the college to minimize impacts on students and identify pathways for graduation.

The Saint Rose women’s soccer team plays in the NCAA third round against Adelphi on Friday in West Chester, Pa. 

“We are completely focused on being our best tomorrow as a team," coach Laurie Darling Gutheil said. "That is what we control and that is what we are going to do. Our players have worked their hearts out to earn the right to be in this game tomorrow and they deserve to be completely focused on that. Thanks for understanding.”