It was a victorious moment for the track team at Mohonasen High School.

But this wasn't a foot race.

Athletes proudly rocked beads in their hair during the Wednesday night meet after pushing back against a 20-year-old safety rule that banned students from wearing the hair accessory while participating in sporting events.

During a recent track meet, athletes were told they could not compete with hair beads. Under the former rule, students who wanted to wear them had to apply for a waiver.

"A girl had to take out all of her braids with the beads in it, which is like, that's a tedious job," a student said. "No girl should have to go through that before a race. You can't run unless you take your beads out. That's not right at all."

Several students, coaches and school superintendents from Section II districts expressed concerns over the rule, and the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) reversed the policy this week.

The organization announced Tuesday it had placed a moratorium on prohibiting hair beads until member districts can "adequately address this topic and concerns."

The Mohonasen track team was ready to forfeit Wednesday's meet if the athletes were asked to remove their hair beads, but instead, the students celebrated a win.