Nowadays, you can find Tom Goslowski spending time at home with his wife, Jordan, and their 8-month-old son, Rex.

"I'm here all day with him," Goslowski says. "We get up at 7 a.m., we play, he naps when he wants to, and my wife goes off to school."

Known to friends, family, and listeners as "Goz," he's a former well-known sports talk show host for WTMM (104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio) here in the Capital Region.

But when he was laid off in February, he quickly got back on the saddle and started a podcast called "Getting There With Goz," sharing stories and journeys from media members and business owners.

What You Need To Know

  • Tom "Goz" Goslowski is a former radio host for WTMM

  • After being laid off from the station, he's turned to podcasts to inspire others

  • He hopes sharing stories will help get others out of ruts in their lives

"I wanted to share journeys because for whatever reason, in our field, it's not talked about," Goz said. "Maybe it's because of the competition in the field, maybe it's because people don't want to admit mistakes, but I wanted to share stories to help other people with where they wanted to go."

The endgame for Goz is simple: Help others find the next step in their life.

"People a year from now, two years from now, or three years from now, are going to hear some of these stories and say, 'You know what, I was 18 and I listened to some of the advice, not just from Goz, but other people on the show, and it helped me do something better in my career.'"

Giving back to a community that has given him so much is the least he can do and he will continue to do so in the future.