Facebook garage sale sites aren't often filled with fun, but in the Capital Region, there's one guy who's changing things up.

"I have to wait until the joke hits me before I post it; now I can’t post anything without a joke!" said Nick DeMartino of Schenectady.

If you're on any one of a number of those pages, you've probably seen DeMartino before. He started posting back in late March and the posts are pretty memorable.

"I thought for sure I was just going to get kicked right off the page because I had no shirt on and I was posing all weird and just being a goofy idiot, and apparently it blew up and it became quite the thing that I did not expect at all," DeMartino said.

DeMartino is in Upstate Storytellers, a local comedy group. Earlier in the year, they put production of their YouTube series on hold due to COVID-19, so he needed another creative outlet and he started selling stuff he had around the house.

In his barn currently: a set of homemade concrete weights; a Santa Claus figure he says he probably won't sell for sentimental reasons; a jack-o-lantern flag for Halloween; and a random bowling pin — along with the table he made that started it all.

DeMartino is a woodworker and he made the table by hand. He has been selling his wares at craft fairs for about eight years, but now he says his sale posts have gone beyond items he’s made and things in his barn.

"I found myself buying things to sell because I was like, ‘I’ve got a funny joke for that,' " DeMartino said.

He writes his own jokes for his posts, and even takes his own photos. It’s an elaborate set-up of a tape measure, a stool, and his iPhone.

He loves the joy it’s bringing others during a tough year, but he didn’t expect it. He sold an electric mixer to a man who told him a friend recommended the posts because she enjoyed them so much.

"That’s great, and that kept me wanting to do it more and more and more," DeMartino said.

Now that he’s got the spotlight, he wants to do a little something to give back.

"My kids are everything to me. That’s all I want to do is spend time with them and play with them, and every time there’s a kid that’s not OK, that’s a problem," DeMartino said.

A hand-carved Douglas fir bench has been up on the pages before, but he’s hoping this time it’ll sell.

"I’m going to take the best offer I can get and I’m going to give all the money I can get for it to Things of My Very Own, which is an organization that helps kids in times of crisis," DeMartino said.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos of any items he posts, you can ask, but don’t expect stock photos.

"I always just send them more pictures of me laying in weird ways," DeMartino said.

You can find his posts on 518 Garage Sale, Clifton Park Online Garage Sale and Schenectady County Online Garage Sale on Facebook.