Eleven years after Saint Clare's hospital shut down, another health center is also set to cease operations. Ellis Medicine tells us the surgery portion of the McClellan Street Health Center in Schenectady is set to close.

Ellis says it will not be a complete shut down because cases will be reassigned or moved to other Ellis locations. Ellis says the move is still in its preliminary stages.

Previously we reported more than 1,100 employees of the former Saint Clare's hospital saw their pensions diminish or disappear last year because of a more than $50 million shortfall.

In a statement to Spectrum News, Ellis Medicine said: "Ellis Medicine is developing plans to consolidate day surgery procedures at Ellis Hospital and Bellevue Woman’s Center and discontinue that service at our McClellan Street Health Center. The surgical suites at Ellis Hospital and Bellevue have the capacity to accommodate all day surgery procedures from across the Ellis Medicine system."

They continued, "Our plan also includes new investments to enhance the patient experience at both Ellis Hospital and Bellevue Woman’s Center. We believe the decision to consolidate is the best decision for patients and the long-term future of our organization. Ellis is planning to phase in the consolidation over the first half of 2020."