Hairstylist Alice Dunican is not working out of just any salon — To Life is a private oasis for women who are losing their hair.

“It’s so important for a woman to be able to have that option in a time when everything else is out of their control,” Dunican said.

To Life opened its doors as a resource center to people undergoing various types of cancer treatments.

“When it comes to wigs, there were not a lot of options for people undergoing cancer treatment,” said Eileen Bird, To Life executive director.

And tucked away inside is where Dunican consults, styles, and fits special wigs. 

“By having this, it kind of acts like a bridge to get you through,” Dunican said.

Visiting friends and family around the holiday season can be an emotional time for people losing their hair. Dunican says hair enhancements can give them that level of added confidence.

“Especially during Christmas, you don’t want to make it about cancer, you want to make it about the event,” Dunican said.

For that event, To Life offers a variety of color options and styles to chose from.

“[Like] this a baseball cap with the hair attached to the inside,” Dunican said.

Which she says is important to someone who wants to keep as much normalcy in their everyday life as possible.

“A wig helps you do that...It lets you control when you speak about it and to whom you speak about it with," Dunican said.

The price ranges from around $100 up to $400, but payment options are flexible, and some may be covered by health insurance.

"So you and I know these as wigs but in the medical world they are known as a cranial prosthesis," Bird said.

It's not just limited to just cancer patients — the boutique is open to people suffering from other types of hair loss too. They also accept donations so every client has an option.

“Those wigs that are well cared for, we will be happy to take them and then the wigs can go to another person,” Bird said.