The Albany Water Department (AWD) says there is a possibility for residents to see a pinkish tint in their water Saturday, depending on their location in the distribution system.

AWD says the water is safe to drink, to use for cooking, and bathing, though if the pinkish tint is there they say to avoid doing laundry until the color goes away.

"This coloration is a result of a pass-through of sodium permanganate in the water distribution system. Permanganate is used at the early stages of the treatment process to control taste and odor, remove color, iron, and manganese, and [to] limit the formation of trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids," AWD said in a statement. "It is normally removed during the filtration process; however, recent maintenance to the system caused a slug of permanganate to pass through the filters."

The department says they are working to clear the system and say for those who see the pinkish tint to call the Albany Water Department plant operator at (518) 767-7667, extension 221.