A new chapter for the city of Cohoes on Wednesday as any sign of their previous mayor, Shawn Morse, was removed from the mayor's office in city hall. 

"I do know there are some people who are licking their chops right now and are glad this happened," said Morse's Campaign Manager Tom Scarff.

The door that used to hold his name was now blank and his office cleared. 

"You're better to cut your losses. Do what's better for your family, the people of Cohoes, and yourself," Scarff said.

Christopher Briggs was sworn in as acting mayor Tuesday night, just hours after Shawn Morse pleaded guilty to wire fraud for misusing campaign funds.

Morse's lawyer says he could have remained in office until he was sentenced in December, but Briggs says precendence allowed them to make that unanimous decision.

"An unfortunate thing that happened to Shawn Morse, and what's happening in Cohoes is troublesome. Because an enormous amount of great things have happened in three and a half years," Briggs said. 

A similar hope from those who served in that same seat before Morse, like Assemblyman John McDonald.

"There's always a step backwards but there's opportunity to spring foward. I hope the best for Shawn but also the city of Cohoes," McDonald said.

Briggs will only serve as mayor for the next four months, but he's already prepping for the new administration. 

"Any near terms decisions I make, that I'm ready to pull the trigger on, I'll make sure Bill Keeler is being loooped in, to make sure he's comfortable with those decisions," Briggs said.

Cohoes is ready to turn the page and begin a new story.

"Now we can focus on some of the great things that have been happening in Cohoes and will be forth coming," Briggs said.