An Albany woman whose son was shot and killed last year is now suing the city and the police $4 million. 

Calling it an act of racial discrimination, Mary Gause claims the city trespassed and damaged her property when they removed a memorial for her son, Dalon Blunt, about a month after his death.

Blunt was shot on the corner of Judson and Second Street in December of 2018. 

According to the complaint, on January 9 the police asked the department of general service to remove candles, photos and other keepsakes setup in the driveway of Gause's Partridge Street home. The complaint says two other memorials for Blunt were taken down that day.  

The filing goes on to say other, similar memorials in predominately white neighborhoods were never taken down. 

In that complaint Gause says, “I believe the Albany Police Department should have better things to do than destroy memorials to beloved children and other family members put up by members of the African American community. The murders of too many African American boys and young men have gone unsolved."