Thursday, Governor Cuomo announced a new initiative that aims to bring more people to the Catskills.   

This announcement comes after officials from all over NYS came to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts for the 2019 Catskills Challenge.  

They spent all day participating in outdoor activities that showcase the area’s beauty. The governor has announced a new summer tourism campaign. The goal, to bring more visitors to the area. They plan to do this by stepping up advertising for the I Love NY campaign, a new hiking challenge, and starting to encourage people to get active and come to the area.

“We also have the most beautiful rural country and mountainside and the most beautiful demonstration of Mother Nature that any state in the U.S. has. I’ve worked in every state in this country when I was in the federal government, no state has in one place what New York has,” Cuomo said.

This is all in an effort to generate economic activity in the area and to promote upstate New York in a new and creative way.  

Photos from Governor Cuomo's Flickr page.