Molly Congdon-Hunsdon walked back into the Glens Falls Area Youth Center on Monday for the first time since Thursday. 

For 36 years, her father Matt Congdon served as the executive director.

"It definitely brought tears to my eyes because this place was Matt Congdon," Congdon-Hunsdon said. 

Through the decades, Congdon touched thousands of lives- providing a place for kids to play, do homework, and get a meal. He cared for those young people every day until his passing.

"His last day on this earth, he came into work," Congdon-Hunsdon said. "He was singing and joking with the kids, and picking pickle ball teams, and dishing out life advice."

Congdon passed away on Thursday at the age of 60. He had Type 1 diabetes and suffered from complications for years. Congdon even lost both of his legs, but still continued his work.

"He got up, he did his routine, he went to work every day because he loved these kids and he loved what he was doing," Congdon-Hunsdon said. "Not many people can say that about their job."

Days after his passing, messages continue to pour in. Many thanked Congdon for the positive influence he had on them.

He's legacy and work in the community will continue, with his daughter taking over as executive director.

"I do look forward to seeing how this place grows and I know he's going to be watching so I'm going to make him proud," Congdon-Hunsdon said.

Calling hours are set for Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Singleton Sullivan Potter Funeral Home. A funeral will follow 11 a.m. on Friday at St. Mary's Church. His daughter says Congdon will be laid to rest in a Glens Falls Area Youth Center shirt.