Albany's Common Council is looking for public input on the current fireworks laws.

Right now, residents can legally purchase and use sparklers and similar devices from June 1 to July 5.

However, many residents are calling in noise complaints while others are reporting hearing shots fired to police due loud explosions. This raises further concerns as it causes the Albany Police Department to be potentially taken away from more serious calls.

Local leaders said they're searching for a solution that's safe while protecting tradition.

"But again, we don't want to make a decision in a vacuum,” said Dorcey Applyrs, chair of the city’s Public Safety Committee. “We understand what the 4th of July means. We know that fireworks are ingrained in our culture as a city and it is celebratory. So we want to make sure we make the right decision with impact from residents."

The council will continue to take public input as the city approaches the Independence Day holiday.