During the winter season at Hoosick Falls High School, some student-athletes are spending time after school working on their precision. 

The sound of air rifles can be heard in the wrestling room where the practices take place.

"It takes practice, dedication," said junior Grady Marsh.

He is trying the newest sport at Hoosick Falls: Air rifle. It's also the first and only school in Section II to have a team. 

"You just want to stay still and steady and hit the black as slowly as you can," said sophomore Elliot Landin.

The target is 10 meters away. Each one is worth 10 points. 

Landin and Marsh are trying to score a max of 100 points for the round. 

"We're in a rural community, a lot of our kids are hunters," said assistant coach Christian Marsh.

He and the superintendent came up with the idea a few years ago.

After doing their homework, the team was proposed to the school board and was approved unanimously.

"This is what a lot of these kids in this area are interested in," said head coach Amy Ferullo. 

Since the Panthers are the only Section II team, they competed against schools from across the state.

However, their 11 coed athletes don't travel. They faced teams in postal matches.

"So every time we shoot, it's actually here and we just kind of email our results to whoever we're competing with that day," Ferullo said.

The coaches say the sport has received a lot of support from the school and community.

But a state lawmaker proposed a bill last year to remove programs like this from public schools. Some say it sends a wrong message having it in school. 

However, the coaches see it as an opportunity to educate the students on firearm safety. 

"We know there are firearms in the kids' homes," Christian Marsh said. "We want them to be knowledgeable about the firearm and to be educated in a school, in a safe environment is the best way I know how to do it."

The team finished the season a few weeks ago. They didn't participate in the postseason.