Tuesday’s agreement reached between the NTSB and State Police involving the deadly October 6 crash moved forward not only the criminal case against Nauman Hussain, but also civil ones.

Attorneys that represent the family of Amanda Rivenburg, one of the Schoharie limo crash victims, were able to serve Nauman Hussain with a civil suit for his involvement in the accident.

"This vehicle is owned by the dad, I believe, but the son also operated the business, so we’re suing both the dad and the son both individually and as owners of the business," said Sal Ferlazzo, the Rivenburg family attorney.

Ferlazzo said the hearing was the firm’s one chance to deliver the summons to Nauman Hussain, who wouldn't make himself readily available, but was also made difficult in part by the insurance company who wouldn't accept the claims.

"The fact that their insurance company just didn't say 'OK, we will relieve the family of all these shenanigans and just accept it,' they just didn't want to cooperate," said Ferlazzo.

The attorney, who's also filed a notice of intent against the state for their alleged failure of oversight, says this civil suit will get the ball rolling on access to the company's records of the vehicle leading up to the crash.

"Which is all the maintenance records, all the purchase records everything that humanly exist about this limousine, we are going to get," said Ferlazzo.

Ferlazzo says moving forward on the civil case will help bring closure to so many affected by the crash.

"Bring them to justice, and let them look into the parents' eyes and see what they did to their children, and hopefully that will deter others from taking those actions again," said Ferlazzo.