The Albany County Correctional Facility and Sheriff Craig Apple are named in a federal lawsuit alleging systematic abuse against certain inmates.

The suit was filed by four pre-trial detainees also naming New York City, the city department of corrections, Albany County and individual corrections officers at the county jail.

The lawsuit says New York City has sent young Rikers inmates to the Albany County Correctional Facility typically as a form of punishment, where they were held in solitary confinement — allegedly occurring despite a New York City ban on solitary confinement for people 21 and younger.

According to the complaint filed Friday, Albany County jail staffers aggressively beat the young inmates and forcibly conducted rectal searches.

The lawsuit says the plaintiffs suffered concussions, damaged ear drums and other severe injuries.

Attorney Steven Goldman, who represents the plaintiffs in this case, says his clients were in fear for their lives.

"These are kids that are in a facility that they are being told that corrections officers aren't holding back, they own the facility, ‘we can do what we want, and if you don't listen to us, we will kill you,’" he said.

Albany County and Sheriff Craig Apple did not immediately return requests for comment.