A forum was held Monday night for Rensselaer County district attorney candidates. It was hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Incumbent Republican Joel Abelove is running for his second term after a tumultuous tenure. He is facing Democrat Mary Pat Donnelly who has experience as an attorney and a judge.

While Abelove questioned Donnelly's experience in the courtroom, the former East Greenbush town judge responded by criticizing Abelove's first term in the DA's office.

The last question of the forum came from Abelove who brought up the Second Amendment and the controversial SAFE Act.

"I believe that trying to turn law abiding gun owners into criminals by outlawing what they otherwise lawfully possess is wrong and I will not prosecute somebody for that," Abelove said.

"I am a supporter of the second amendment and I am opposed to the SAFE Act," Donnelly said. "I know my opponent doesn't want to hear that because it's what he's got in his corner right now."

The district attorney position is a four year term. Election Day is November 6.