The Albany City School District is looking for feedback on two proposals to expand its middle-school capacity.

Right now, North Albany Academy is an elementary school, but a new proposal is looking to change that. 

Currently, there are some middle schools in the district serving Grades 6 to 8, while others only serve Grades 7 and 8. That, coupled with increased enrollment, has district leaders looking to expand that middle school capacity.

To accomplish that, the plan up for consideration is to convert North Albany Academy from an elementary school to a middle school. The second is to expand the Arbor Hill Elementary School to serve a larger student population from pre-kindergarten through Grade 5.

The district's school board president says that sixth graders are disadvantaged if they're not in a middle-school setting. 

The next public meeting will be held Monday night at Arbor Hill Elementary at 6:30. The second will be Tuesday evening at Pine Hills Elementary.  The final proposal will be presented November 1, and the school board president expects a vote by May.