A plan for a new apartment development in Slingerlands is being met with some resistance. 

During a meeting Tuesday night, residents weighed in on the plan that would build apartments off Route 85, with developers eyeing  3.1 acres. Some residents shared their displeasure at the development being built next to the Slingerland family burial vault — the resting place of the original Slingerland families. These families were some of the town's most prominent pioneers. 

The first family in the hamlet was husband John A. and wife Leah Britt, who leased their land in 1790, according to The Slingerland Family website

The property manager, Tom Burke, said the 25-unit development would treat the historically sensitive area with respect, yet people who live near the cemetery say it's a site worth preserving.

"You know here we are in a nationally recognized historical district, I'd love to have a sense that the builders were more respectful of the area," said Susan Leaf, Bethelem town historian.

Burke is reassured this will not be the case. "Absolutely no impact on it. We will respect and honor the fact that it is sacred ground," said Burke.

As of now, the town board has paused discussion on the project until further studies can be completed.