Advocates for Ellazar Williams on Tuesday disputed Albany Police findings after the department determined an officer-involved shooting that happened on August 20 was justified.

The 'Justice or Else' rally organizers are questioning the surveillance video released from police that captured distant footage of the shooting.

The Albany Police Department says the shooting was justified because Williams dropped the knife he was carrying and then proceed to re-arm himself.

But those presenting Tuesday replayed the footage, and they say it tells a different story.

Organizers say the video shows Williams was running away from officers — not toward them — when he was shot, also claiming the officer who fired was not as close as police claimed.

"We have to let them know that gone are the days where we accept you get up and telling us what happened. We want proof. Technology is so effective, you mean to tell me we can see stuff plain and clear but they can still say it’s OK?" said Derek Johnson.

Advocates Tuesday night also pushed for more involvement from the mayor and the police chief.          

Chief Hawkins is set to sit down with Alice Green on October 9.