ALBANY, N.Y. -- Advocates of the victim in an officer-involved shooting in Albany last month are saying that police do not have enough information to rule it 'justified.' 

Advocates at Center for Law and Justice have been very vocal, speaking for parts of the community that were calling for transparency during the department’s internal investigation.

The Albany Police Department ruled the shooting as justified last Thursday.

Ellazar Williams, 19, was shot by a detective while running from police. 

They say the pursuit ended in the West Hill neighborhood, when Williams threatened detective James Olsen with a large knife. Police say the moment Williams re-armed himself with a knife was when he became a deadly threat. 

Olson fired twice, hitting Williams in the left rear shoulder.

"It's certainly in the back. No one has answered our question on how exactly did that happen," said Dr. Alice Green, executive director of the Center for Law and Justice.

Green says police are basing this testimony almost solely off Olson’s accounts. Officials haven’t been able to interview the victim and that’s because Williams' lawyer won't allow him to due to the charges he is facing in the case.

Green has met with Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins over the past few days.

Hawkins released a statement Tuesday to Spectrum News:

“Dr. Alice Green is a strong advocate for the Albany community and I understand her concerns with the investigation into the recent shooting incident that occurred on Elk Street.

“A final report into the incident is still being completed and I am willing to discuss the finding with Dr. Green and others in the community so they may better understand. Moving forward, I truly look forward to working with Dr. Green and other community members to build upon the great relationships and success this department has achieved, especially in community policing.”