ALBANY, N.Y. — Albany Police say a detective who shot a knife-wielding suspect back in August was justified in firing his weapon.

Police commander Mike Basile says Detective James Olsen fired at 19-year-old Ellazar Williams, of Binghamton, in a courtyard near West Hill Middle School.

They say when he was shot, Williams had just rearmed himself with a large blade.

They say he was not running toward Olsen, but because he was within 30 feet, it was determined that he was an imminent danger.

The bullet hit Williams in the back left shoulder.

The police department has been criticized by some in the community for not getting information out fast enough after the shooting.

However, incoming Chief Eric Hawkins says based on the briefing he got, things were handled properly.

The detective did not have a taser, and he did not have a body camera.

Patrol officers have body cameras, but at the time of the shooting, detectives did not.

The detective body camera program is being rolled out later in the month.