ALBANY, N.Y. — The Albany man fired from a Home Depot after a confrontation with a customer will not be accepting the offer to get his job back.

Maurice Rucker says he confronted a customer at the Home Depot on Central Avenue who was berating him with racially-charged insults.

Home Depot says he was fired for not handling the situation in line with company policy.

After Rucker's story spread on social media and garnered attention, Home Depot offered him his job back Friday.

Now, Rucker says he's not going back to work with the company.

"I personally felt it was kind of disingenuous,” said Rucker. “You're kind of admitting that you were wrong in firing me in the first place."

Rucker worked for the company for 10 years and says his starting pay was $12 an hour and was only up to $12.78 an hour when he was fired.