SPECTRUM NEWS VIDEO: According to the advocacy group Prevent Child Abuse New York, 65,000 kids in the state suffer some kind of abuse each year. That can include physical abuse, neglect or emotional abuse. And since it often happens inside the child's home, at the hands of a family member or caregiver, it can be hard for other adults to even see that it's happening. CPS can work with parents to improve the situation, or if that's not possible, can even take the kid out of the home. Since the death of 5-year-old Kenneth White in 2014, there's an effort to teach more people how to identify abusive behaviors, and to change the relationship between child protective services and law enforcement. Now, the disappearance of 4-month-old Rayen Puleski in Schenectady this summer has advocates pushing for more changes. Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara joins the show to talk more about legislation that could lead to change.