A native to the Capital Region, Solomon Syed has been a proud member of the Spectrum News team for the past nine years. Prior to this, Solomon lived in various cities across the east coast while earning his law degree and later reporting on Capitol Hill. While he may not be a practicing attorney today, Solomon explains that there is not a day that goes by where his law degree doesn’t enhance his ability to keep his viewers informed. Since Solomon was a child, he’s always had the desire to uncover and share vital information with those around him – being able to do so in the community he grew up in makes each day anything but “work” and more of a dream come true.

This two time Associated Press Award winner and Emmy nominee considers each story he covers to be equally as important as the next. More times than he can count, Solomon has had viewers reach out to him and exclaim how much of a difference a story has made in their life. Each time this happens, Solomon remembers why he loves the job so much.

Growing up in the Capital Region, Solomon’s family has planted their roots deep in their community. With his father being the chairman of the Department of Surgery at Ellis Hospital and his sister as town supervisor, Solomon considers himself to be the “third most famous Syed in Albany.” When Solomon isn’t at the anchor desk, you can find him spending his Saturdays in Saratoga.

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