You’ve heard the expression “labor of love.” A new condiment business in Albany has proven to be just that.

Hot Crispy Oil is an olive oil-based product with fresh fried garlic, shallots, and a proprietary blend of chili peppers.

“I’m not just using this as a dipping oil, but I’m using it on my eggs, I’m using it on pizza, pasta ... everything you can think of,” said Hot Crispy Oil Founder John Trimble.

What You Need To Know

  • Former La Serre restaurant owner John Trimble created Hot Crispy Oil in his home kitchen during the pandemic

  • It’s an olive oil-based product, infused with fresh fried garlic, shallots, and a proprietary blend of chili peppers

  • Hot Crispy Oil is now for sale in 125 retailers nationwide

The spicy mix was developed in Trimble’s home kitchen.

“Lockdown, COVID, you know, three kids under the roof, nothing to do,” he said. “I started cooking a lot, came up with a recipe that I was really just making for myself, for my girlfriend or immediate family. It had such a great, overwhelming response that I said ‘jeez, maybe I should start to legitimize this.’ ”

In August, the product was being sold in two local retailers. Now, it’s in 125 retailers from Boston to San Francisco and beyond.

Hot Crispy Oil seems like an overnight success, but the story actually starts about 43 years ago, when the now-“production hub” for Hot Crispy Oil was opened as La Serre restaurant by Trimble’s parents. The family decided to close the business for good during the pandemic.

“Towards the latter years, upwards of 80% of our business was through banquet events ... You know, rehearsals, weddings, retirement parties, and we knew under 25% occupancy, that those wouldn’t really exist for us anymore,” said Trimble.

It was the end of an era, but a new one forged, and with it, renewed hope.

Not only was Trimble able to spark new life in his family establishment, he also brought on former staff from La Serre, and other restaurant owners that found themselves in a tight spot, too.

“Kind of everything worked out, you know?” said Hot Crispy Oil Production Manager Jeff Via.  “We were able to come here and help John expand his business and kind of bring my attribute as a chef and help streamline this process.”

If you’re interested in trying Hot Crispy Oil, or the extra hot version, you can visit ‪ to order or find a retailer.