Police have identified the off-duty Troy police officer who intervened in a domestic incident at an apartment building on 17th Street in Troy Thursday night, resulting in one fatality.

Officials say the officer, identified as Officer Adam Harbour, heard a commotion in an apartment downstairs from his. Police say Harbour entered the apartment and witnessed a man stabbing a 25-year-old woman inside.

Police say after calling out for the suspect to drop his knife, the officer fired once, killing the suspect, who is identified as 25-year-old Colin E. Davis of Troy.

There was also another woman in the apartment, who assisted the officer in trying to diffuse the situation.

Officials say Harbour used his own personal shotgun. He has been on the Troy police force for more than three years, according to police.

The stabbing victim, identified only as Davis' estranged wife, was taken to Albany Med, and has been upgraded from serious to stable condition.

Deputy Chief Dan DeWolf described the scene that the officer walked into.

"It's a sad day for everyone all the way around. It's sad day that this gentleman's dead, but it's a terrible thing that he was doing this to his girlfriend, or wife, or whoever this is to him, I'm not sure at this point, and that the officer had to take action," said DeWolf. 

Harbour has been assigned to administrative duties, according to police. A press release from the TPD says "multiple witnesses have come forward" regarding the incident, and that anyone else who may have witnessed it is asked to contact the Troy Police Detective Division at (518) 270-4426 or the Rensselaer County District Attorney’s Office at (518) 270-4040.