Two more people have been arrested in connection to a bizarre road rage incident that happened last month on Alternate Route 7 and the Northway. One of the arrests was a woman who claimed to be a victim.

State Police gave an update Wednesday on the May 10 incident.

State Police say Natia Shim had told investigators she was with her son when this alleged road rage happened. According to police, she also told them the suspects made racial slurs at them during the incident.

Today, state police say her statements were false because she was not involved. It was only her son. Shim was arrested today and charged with making a false written statement.

Also arrested in connection to the road rage incident is Logan Tardiff. He's been charged with reckless endangerment and menacing.

While state police say Shim's statements are false, they say the road rage incident did happen, which is why four people have been arrested in connection to the alleged incident.

State police say their investigation on this case is over. As for what sparked the road rage, police say the suspects believed the son was involved for some kind of incident in Watervliet with one of their family member. But Watervliet Police Chief Mark Spain says no formal complaint was ever filed.