As concerns over the coronavirus continue to grow, experts are warning people to take the necessary precautions. Most of their advice is common sense, like remembering to wash your hands.

Above all, doctors say the most important thing is to not panic or dramatically change your lifestyle. Public spaces are fine, but it's best to avoid large crowds.

"Avoiding large gatherings of people is probably going to be in your best interest; however, it doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and do things," says Arthur Gran, an infectious disease doctor at St. Peter's Health Partners.

Gran says you should also remember to wash your hands when using a public bathroom or touching things like gas pumps.

"The point is to have good hygiene habits, which is something that you really should be in the habit of doing whether or not there's an outbreak of a contagious resporatory illness," says Gran.

While the flu vaccine will not stop the spread of the coronavirus, Gran says we are still in flu season and recommends people get a shot in order to protect themselves.