New York has produced its own hand sanitizer to be made available to government agencies, schools, prisons and the MTA, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday at a news conference. 

The goal is to manufacture 100,000 gallons of the sanitizer a week. 

The product is being made by inmates at the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Washington County, Cuomo's office said. 

The sanitizer was unveiled amid a shortage of consumer products on the shelf in stores. For now, the product will not be made available to consumers directly, Cuomo said. 

There are now 142 positive cases of coronavirus in New York, 98 of which are in Westchester County. There are no new confirmed cases in Saratoga and Ulster counties, Cuomo said. 

The hand sanitizer was produced after Cuomo knocked price gouging online of similar products. He warned websites to not allow price gouging of medical equipment and sanitizer.