Walking in downtown Troy is like stepping into a time machine.

Horse-drawn carriages line the streets. Businesses have been transformed into 1880’s Victorian era America with HBO’s filming of its new series "The Gilded Age."

Local business owners call it one of the most exciting times in the city’s history.

“I would say since the Industrial Revolution, this is probably the biggest moment in the history of the city of Troy," Natural Wine owner Vic Christopher says. "It feels like we’re on the set of a Hollywood movie, which we are.”

Historic buildings provide the perfect backdrop for the production.

“Troy has a great history going back to the Victorian Era," Clement Frame Shop and Art Gallery owner Tom Clement says. "We’re all very proud of our architectural gifts that our forbearers left.”

“There’s a reason HBO is in Troy, and it is the beautiful historic architecture and, I guess, the openness of the community, and everyone is thrilled to have them on board,” Christopher added.

But with the production comes some issues for local businesses. Many businesses remain open, but the outsides, like Clement's Frame Shop and Art Gallery, have been completely remodeled. Foot traffic into shops has slowed as well.

“Business has slowed down, but we expect that our good customers will, if many of them are interested in coming down to see what is going on, but framing can wait a week or two," Clement says. "In general, it’s not an emergency.”

For others, like Christopher’s Natural Wine, business has picked up. He says this production has been great for him and the city as a whole.

"This series is going to be a huge hit. I predict it, and hopefully we’re here for another 5 years shooting,” Christopher says. “The business owners, community, the neighbors, we’ve never seen anything as exciting as what’s happening in Monument Square.”