A small Troy-based marketing firm is getting a big boost.

Known as id29, the firm recently landed a seven-figure investment from an unnamed backer. The backing begins a period of expansion for a company that has quietly worked on several high-profile international ad campaigns.

The decorations inside their offices serve as a visual resume, with posters of brands they assisted in designing are lined along their walls.

Their portfolio include ads for local brands like Pioneer Bank and Bestpass, and they have also shaped marketing campaigns for brands like Puma and the final Harry Potter book. 

Since 2003, the small marketing firm has helped an estimated 100 clients find their identities and promote their stories, but the most difficult story to shape may be their own. 

“We have not necessarily applied the principles we have applied to our customer's businesses to ourselves,” said Michael Fallone, principal of id29.

Fallone says the investment will allow the company to nearly double their staff, dramatically increase revenue, and increase awareness of their own brand. 

“We’ve been somewhat of a best kept secret over the last 16 years,” Fallone said.

Areas for growth include Employer Brand Strategy — helping companies articulate their mission so they can hire and retain the right people. 

“It is all about understanding what the truth of a company is,” Fallone said.

Matt Goodwin was hired a month ago to boost website and digital marketing. He wants small businesses to know they can provide them with data to boost their bottom line. 

“Making sure that is all being tracked so we have insight into what’s driving people to take those actions is huge,” Goodwin said.

It’s growth that, they believe, not only benefits their business but the communities their clients call home. 

“Every small piece of the puzzle helps build an entire community and I think for 16 years we’ve been a unique piece of that,” Fallone said.