This week marks one month since Lockport resident Troy Hodge died after an encounter with police.  

They were called to his house on Park Avenue by his girlfriend, who said he needed help because his medication was causing the 39-year-old to hallucinate.

"There was a phone call to the police station. They knew it was a troubling phone call," said Hodge's cousin, Antonio Dames. 

Dames said he thinks Hodge's medical issue was mishandled by the officers who responded. 

"I didn't hear nobody talk about calming him down," he said. 

Last month, the Lockport police chief said Hodge struggled with police outside of his home. Police said he also mentioned going back inside the home to get a gun.

Hodge's family said it was the physical encounter he had with officers that ultimately killed him, rather than the medical issue that prompted the police visit.  ​

"If I did that, or me and a bunch of my boys did that, and beat somebody up like that — that's a Class A felony," Dames said. 

Since Hodge’s death, his family and friends have been protesting every Monday outside of Lockport City Hall. 

They’re upset over the lack of action since the incident took place. 

Protesters not only want charges brought against the officers involved, but for Hodge to be remembered as they knew him. 

"He was an amazing man, he did not deserve what happened to him," said friend, Dylan Rickard.