RALEIGH, N.C. — When he declared his candidacy for Raleigh Mayor in January 2021, Dr. Terrance Ruth expected to have a six-to-eight-month campaign.


What You Need To Know

Dr. Terrance Ruth is running to be Raleigh's mayor

He teaches social work at N.C. State

He says his top priorities are affordability and engagement


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Now, he’s almost made it to Election Day, but last year, the election was moved from October 2021 to November 2022, with officials citing redistricting.

Ruth says during that extra year of campaigning, he’s seen a shift in the city.

“So much has changed since we announced. We’ve seen some issues become more exacerbated. You’ve seen other communities that were sort of silent or at least living their day-to-day, which have had some really tough years, become activated and energized,” Ruth said.

In the final weeks, he’s able to hear about those communities during campaign events and meet and greets.

“What’s sustaining me right now is just running into these communities that are just energized. And I say it over and over again, but it’s something to have a campaign try to create energy, there’s something for a party to try to create energy, but it says something about your city when residents are creating their own,” Ruth said.

Ruth is one of three people running to lead North Carolina’s capital city.

He says he can bring something different to the position.

“For me, my heart, I teach social work at N.C. State. That’s what I’m bringing into policy. That’s what I’m bringing into leadership. That’s what I’m bringing into difficult decisions, and I think from 2020 is you’re seeing a voter that wants leadership,” Ruth said.

His top two priorities are affordability, both in transportation and housing, and engagement.

It’s an area he says the city is lacking in.

“That’s really why I’m entering. We have a divided city,” Ruth said. “If we’re going to do anything in the future that’s worth improving the quality of life, we got to do it together, and right now we don’t have that unity at the moment.”

Ruth is running against incumbent Mary-Ann Baldwin and DaQuanta Copeland.