RALEIGH, N.C -- Some GoRaleigh drivers are not happy about new bus routes, taking some of their concerns to a press conference Thursday.

  • New routes began for the GoRaleigh transit system on January 6. 
  • Some drivers have concerns.
  • They hosted a press conference Thursday. 

They say the plan to start those new routes was done too quickly. And that, because of the new routes, their work schedules have been changed.

A notice that appears on the GoRaleigh section of Raleigh's official website. GoRaleigh

"We came before the board last month and requested that this plan be delayed at least 30 days. We had some concerns as far as scheduling, we had concerns about safety. What has transpired is those concerns have been realized," said Terrance Newberry, a union representative for the drivers.

Spectrum News reached out to GoRaleigh about these concerns. A representative told us that the system had worked with the drivers' union all through the process of setting up the new routes. And they also said they would continue to work with the union. 

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