Twitter: @DIveyREPORTER

David Ivey is originally from Harnett County but has lived in the Cumberland County and Fayetteville area since 1996. This North Carolina native graduated from the University of North Carolina in 1984. As a student, David witnessed both Michael Jordan and Lawrence Taylor play for the Heels. David continues to cheer on the Tar Heels, just as he did while watching two of the all-time greats!

David has worked in the media since 1984. However, he has mainly covered the Fayetteville area since moving there in 1996. His past work experience includes WNCN as well as the Fayetteville Observer.

In his free time, David enjoys reading -- specifically, anything related to UNC athletics. However, when he’s not caught in a great book about his beloved Tar Heels, you can find David exploring one of his greatest passions -- history.