FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – The Hamont Grill and Steak House served the Fayetteville community for more than 60 years. But after a severe fire gutted the building in 2016 and closed the restaurant, the old building has now been torn down.

  • The Hamont Grill and Steakhouse has been torn down.
  • It had been closed since catching fire in 2016.
  • Mixed-use commercial space is expected to be built on the site. 

Workers have spent days knocking down the walls and scooping up all the bricks. Now, there's just an empty lot left where this iconic restaurant, which was visited by politicians and celebrities throughout the decades, once stood.

People in the community say its destruction leaves a great void.

"There's a lot of history in that building. And a lot of famous people have been around. In there and eaten there. It's just a sad day,” said Max Weinstein.

The owner of the Hamont, Pete Skenteris, told us that a two story structure will be built at the old location. The top floor will be used for office space and the bottom floor will be leased for commercial use.