FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- When Ernest Phillips Jr. came to Fayetteville 6 months ago, he only had $80 in his pocket and he was dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. But he got help for himself. So now, this Everyday Hero owns a business, where he stays constantly busy with work.

"My phone stays always busy," he told us.

Ernest has a very passionate and strong faith. The folks at the shelter for Operation Inasmuch were able to help him overcome his personal struggles.

"Ernest is a beautiful soul. He has a love for Christ that, I would say, like no other that lives here. He's taken off like a rocket and he's going to be successful, " said Sheri Duarte, the Resident Manager of Operation Inasmuch.

Talking with Ernest, you will find a man who is very humble, but very satisfied with the direction his life is going.

As he spoke with us, he pointed upward and said, "I'll get my reward when I get up there."