GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The City of Greensboro renamed Aycock Street after Josephine Boyd, the first black student to graduate from Grimsley High School.

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A number of streets and buildings around the state named after former North Carolina governor Charles Aycock have been renamed in light of his racist stance on a number of issues, including Greensboro’s Aycock Middle School and Aycock neighborhood, Aycock Auditorium at UNC Greensboro, and Aycock Residence Hall at East Carolina University

Last spring, the Greensboro City Council unanimously voted to change the name to honor Boyd's legacy and the impact she had on civil rights.

Boyd's sister says she "fought the good fight” and  she's glad that this new street sign will be able to start a necessary conversation about what her sister accomplished and the history of the city.

Josephine Boyd died three years ago.