JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — Hundreds of Marines and sailors are training to ensure they are able to rapidly and effectively load and offload equipment from a ship.

The exercise is called Dynamic Cape, and it's taking place across multiple eastern United States locations, including Camp Lejeune and Wilmington. The goal is to improve the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force's operational logistics.

During this exercise, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel are transporting equipment on rail and conducting a pier-side offload of the equipment from USNS Williams at Blount Island Command in Jacksonville, Florida.

This training helps the expeditionary brigade and the logistics regiment increase their capabilities and gain the confidence necessary to succeed when operating on land and sea.

“The Marines and sailors are always prepared for changing dynamics. That's what exercising allows us to do is be ready for any circumstance, and exercise our ability to shift when conditions change,” says Col. David Everly, Commanding Officer of the Second Marine Brigade.

Once the rail that is loaded on Camp Lejeune makes its way to Blount Island, the offloading portion of the training exercise will begin.