RALEIGH, N.C. -- Dozens of international students are sticking out the pandemic in the United States. 

They're part of the international business school SKEMA. The college has campus's all over the world, and encourages students to study abroad. One of those campuses partners with NC State in Raleigh. 

Caroline Le is one of 127 students who decided to stay near the campus through the pandemic due to her VISA, and her family's health.

"It's hard, because some people in my family have the virus. They’re in France and have good health insurance. They’re at the hospital right now," said Caroline.

SKEMA instructors say they're trying to keep all their students around the world positive through emails and communication. They're also offering other classes and seminars like art, cooking, and even meditation.

Caroline says she's been keeping busy looking for jobs, and is in constant contact with her family.